Westmoreland Organic Farmers Society Project Completion

Sunday June 24, 2018

Friends of Jamaica provided funds for Westmoreland Organic Farmers Society (WOFS) to refurbish their office and community workspace. WOFS has a membership of 25 farmers with an irrigated organic demonstration farm, beehives and aquaponics, develops produce sold at local markets (harvesting honey, sorrel, jams, beer etc.) and provides training on multiple subjects.

With a grant from FOJ and money raised from stakeholders, WOFS replaced their office roof and front stairs providing an office space that is structurally safe and weather secure, creating positive benefits for the organization. It allows business conducted in the office to focus on group activities rather than being side-tracked by leaks when it rains or worrying about how a roof that was literally falling apart could get fixed. The project also instills a sense of pride, camaraderie and accomplishment as the WOFS members came together with the help of the wider community to upgrade their office.

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